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      Zhejiang Holip Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (Holip for short), whose predecessor is Zhejiang Haili Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., incorporated in 2001 under the partnership of Mr. Lu Zhongping and his friends. Depending on forward-looking development strategies and well-functioning integration of technologies, funds, market and other resources, Haili had an explosive growth and became the leader of Chinese frequency converters in 2004. Haili’s strong momentum of development drew the attention of Danfoss, a Danish manufacturing giant. In 2005, Danfoss acquired the full ownership of Haili at the price of 25 milllion dollars and established Zhejiang Holip Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. for a fresh start. Established in 1933, Danfoss is a global manufacturer with a leading position in Denmark. It is famous for the promotion and application of advanced manufacturing technologies and its concern for energy saving and environmental protection. It is also a product manufacturer and service provider that is pioneering in the realms including refrigeration, heating and water control and drive control.